Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how the Rifa Beauty Salon uses the information provided by the customers. If you are using this website, then it clearly indicates your consent regarding all terms and conditions.

What information do we collect from the users?

We collect information in order to bring improvement and betterment in our services. Some of the information can be stored to be used for future reference. It is our request that you must share the correct information. You can be asked to share some personally identifiable information such as:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address

The information collected by Rifa Beauty Salon can be used in one of the following ways:

  • For processing the requests
  • For sharing periodic emails
  • For notifying about new services
  • To understand the requirement of the customers in a much better way
  • Some of the collected information can be used for the purpose of direct marketing
  • Maintaining constant contact with the customers
  • To give notifications of the new services
  • To provide information about some promotional offers

Collecting non-personal information

When you browse through our website, some of the information is automatically registered such as the name of the browser, operating system, type of the browser, other technical details such as the Internet Service Provider.

Sharing and disclosing the information with outsiders or third-parties

It is important to note that Rifa Beauty Salon does not trade, sell, share or rent the personally identifiable information with the third-parties and outsiders. However, there are certain situations and scenarios in which certain information can be released to the outsiders. Rifa Beauty Salon complies with all formalities, rules and regulations. If there is some order from an honorable court, or there is some type of legal compulsion, we can disclose some information in order to protect our interest and others connected with us. We never disclose any debit and credit card details with outsiders. In some cases, normal information can be shared with trustworthy business partners and affiliates.

Protection of data and information

Rifa Beauty Salon considers it a duty to protect the data and information shared by the esteemed customers. We protect the vital data and information through all possible means. We have installed various layers of electronic and physical barriers so that there is no unauthorized access to the data. Only some selected members of Rifa Beauty Salon can access the information. We have made all possible arrangements so that any information cannot be altered or misused by the outsiders. Transferring and sharing any information over the Internet is never completely safe. So, please take necessary precautions and share data in a cautious manner.


Small files transferred by a website or ISP to the hard drive of the computer are known as cookies. If you enable the cookie files, the website can recognize your browser. You are free to accept or deny cookies. We make use of cookies to understand the taste and preferences of the users in a much better sense. We also compile data about website traffic with the help of cookies so as to provide better experiences to the users. In case you deny the cookies, there is a possibility that all the features of the website will not function smoothly.

Retention of the data

We retain the data and information in the backup archives until and unless there is some genuine requirement. Please note that the Rifa Beauty Salon makes use of all the information only as per the terms and conditions mentioned in this privacy policy. As a precautionary measure, when some data or information is no longer required, we isolate it.

Amendment and changes

You can always modify or change the information. Please inform our management, and we will upgrade our record. The management of Rifa Beauty Salon reserves all rights to make changes and amendments. It is our request that clients must frequently check the website and stay informed about the changes. As soon as any modifications are made on the website, it can be considered that they have become effective. Please review this privacy policy on a periodic interval.


The service of Rifa Beauty Salon is not meant for minors. The minors should not share any personally identifiable information on our website. We request parents to immediately inform us if their minor children have shared some personal information. We will take necessary steps and immediately remove that data from our records.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding this privacy policy.